College During the Pandemic: Greenwich College Students Describe Their Experiences

What has changed in the college admission process this past year? “Everything!” according to Dean Duck, Director of admissions at Tufts University. The coronavirus has upended the entire application and admissions processes, cancelling college tours and standardized test dates, causing disruptions to athletics, extracurricular activities and student employment, forcing students to learn remotely, and ultimately … Read More

Applying to College in the Time of Corona

Daria Rockholz, April 1, 2020 Proactive Strategies for College Bound Students The impact of COVID-19 has rapidly changed the typical flow of the college application process, while families grapple with the added emotional, social and economic toll of the coronavirus. Each day brings new information with added challenges for both high school juniors and seniors. … Read More

Get Ahead on the College Application Process

Daria M. Rockholz, Ph. D – June 2018 If you want to get an edge on the college application process, begin by using your summer wisely. During the school year, high school students tend to get busy with their classes, sports, part-time jobs, and social activities, leaving little time for the college application process itself. … Read More

Why Your College Activity List Needs to be Better Than Nutella

Daria M. Rockholz, Ph.D. – May 2018 Nutella is like happiness in a jar. A single bite of Nutella will put an instant smile on your face. French parents name their child Nutella . . . Seriously, have you ever met anyone who didn’t love Nutella? If your college application is a delicious banana sandwich, … Read More