College + School Placement

College Planning + Placement

The college application process becomes more complicated and competitive each year – making an already difficult, stressful process even more daunting. We’ll help you look beyond the conflicting rankings, providing a customized, strategic plan to successfully navigate the entire college application process, and to identify where your child will prosper and thrive.

Our comprehensive college counseling program begins with an extensive review of coursework, extracurricular activities, achievements and standardized test preparation. Then, depending on each student’s unique abilities, needs, and goals, we design an individualized plan of action, including a carefully researched college list, with application assistance, essay coaching, resume building and interviewing skill development. During the process we help students explore college majors as they relate to careers interests. Prior to submission, each application document is carefully scrutinized; every essay and supplement form is thoroughly reviewed. Deadlines are met well in advance of the posted due dates, providing for timely and optimal recognition by college admission offices. Once final decisions are made we stay connected to ensure ongoing success.

Consulting for College-Bound Students with Special Needs

A successful transition from high school to college requires an entirely new level of responsibility and independence, and students with special needs require customized planning and well-developed self-advocacy skills to achieve success in college and beyond. Our consultants have first-hand knowledge of post-secondary programs with effective support services, and will help students maximize opportunities to receive accommodations and utilize services on campus. We are familiar with the wide range of support services offered at the college level, and we focus on matching students with the most effective college programs. Psycho-educational evaluations, IEP documents, 504 plans, and other special school reports are reviewed to help college-bound students understand and prepare specific documentation required for college accommodations and support services.

Only 41% of freshman students complete 4-year colleges on time. Less than 25% of students with special needs ever complete college. Our goal is 100%.

School Placement

Finding the right school for your child is the critical foundation to future success. It is our first priority.

There are more than 600 boarding schools and 1000 independent schools in the U.S. All are unique and serve a different type of student. These schools offer a broad array of academic options, with a wide choice of extracurricular activities that include athletics, arts, cultural, religious and environmental activities -- making the process of choosing even more challenging. Each school has its own mission, culture, philosophy and personality, and the admission criterion varies greatly. Our educational consultants will guide you through the entire process.

Each year we visit schools throughout the country, and we stay abreast of specific school requirements, application procedures and financial aid information. We will help you organize and prepare your child for standardized tests, essays and interviews — and after carefully evaluating your child’s learning style, abilities, and interests we will help you determine which schools offer the best fit and value. Because the “best” choices aren’t always the most obvious ones.