Managing Social Anxiety

My son, Evan, a high school junior, is very eager to pursue an engineering or computer science degree. Evan is a dedicated student who works hard and takes his studies very seriously. He has strong math skills, is a technology whiz, and wants to apply to a highly ranked engineering college. But I am concerned about Evan’s anxiety level, and I know that his social skills will hold him back (although he doesn’t think so!), as he tends to isolate and shy away from social activities.

I am working with the Rockholz team to help Evan find a college environment where he can realistically manage his anxiety and where his social deficits will not compromise his strong STEM abilities. The Rockholz consultants have provided tips and strategies for his upcoming interview, with guiding questions and topics for Evan to discuss with admission counselors at each prospective college.

In preparation for college life, he is starting to show some interest in working with a social skills group, something he can start at home, but will need to continue at college. The Rockholz team has also provided professional resources at the various college communities where Even is applying, to help address his anxiety. We feel more confident about sending Evan off to college now that he has a plan to ease the transition, manage his stress and deal with social situations.

Parent, Westchester, NY