My Sober College Experience

When I left my short-term primary treatment program (the second time), my goal -- besides staying sober -- was to continue my college education, something I have begun several times over with varying degrees of success.

While in treatment I was first advised to postpone college, to work on my abstinence and recovery above all else. But a therapist referred me to Peter Rockholz, a recovery expert, to help me find the next step program.

My parents and I were thrilled when Peter, a social worker, and his wife, Daria, a college consultant, helped me find and apply to colleges that are members of the Recovery College association, a group of colleges that have strong, highly regarded recovery programs embedded within the college campus and culture, where I can work on my recovery and my college career simultaneously.

I am now a full-time student, living in a sober dorm, attending support groups on campus and regular AA meetings in the community, while participating in a number of college activities. At college I’ve made several good friends who are also in recovery, and connected with a few instructors who have been understanding and helpful. I’ve hit a couple of bumps in the road, but the college support program has been more than amazing and graduation is only two semesters away!

Student, Fairfield University